Announcing Airtable's first book!

Editorial experts sound off on how to build a custom content marketing strategy.

Announcing Airtable's first book!

Managing the content strategy for your company is about more than just hitting publishing deadlines. You have to be able to consistently generate new ideas that resonate with your audience, while growing your team, keeping everybody on task, and distributing your content for maximum impact. We've worked with editorial managers, content marketers and leaders across media to compile actionable advice on how to do just that.

In this book you’ll find advice from industry insiders and content marketing experts, along with purpose-built templates you can copy and start using immediately, to get your content team up and running in no time. Download the book to learn:

  • why the key to generating new content is to think like a product manager
  • advice on how to manage a fast-growing, remote team of writers
  • the secret to building a results-oriented content workflow

Give it a read, and let us know what you think!