Airtable is one of Zapier's fastest growing apps

It's no secret that Airtable users love Zapier.

Airtable is one of Zapier's fastest growing apps

And we couldn't be happier that Airtable has again ranked as one of the fastest growing apps on Zapier. To celebrate, we thought we'd round up a few of our favorite ways that Airtable users use Zapier to boost their productivity and automate their workflows.

Collecting user feedback?

Follow in the footsteps of Zapier product manager Chris Geogheghan and use Zapier to send emails to customer interview prospects whenever they meet certain criteria and enter an Airtable view.

Go one step further and organize the actual customer interview session with a multi-step Zap like UX researcher Eileen Ruberto. When a customer creates a Calendly event, Eileen uses Zapier to automatically schedule a meeting with GoToMeeting and add all the meeting details to Airtable as a record. And she keeps everyone in the loop by sending confirmation emails as Google Calendar events approach.

Running a content pipeline?

Keep your team on task by triggering custom notifications as a piece moves through your pipeline, like Jimmy Daly, editor-in-chief of the Quickbooks Resource Center. Is a piece ready for review? Change the status from “In Production” to “For Revision,” and use Zapier to automatically send an email to the editor in charge.

Once your content pipeline is humming, it's essential to collect feedback and track your content's performance. With Zapier, you can trigger an email as each piece is published, using an Airtable form to solicit feedback from key stakeholders.

This Zap automatically sends a request for feedback each time an article is delivered.

Managing video production?

Use Airtable to build a database of your cast and crew, and generate call sheets on demand, and use Zapier to automatically email the call sheet to all interested parties the day before, or morning of, the shoot.